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    Some Holmes 750 action

    The last job I did was stacking Hazmat on Poly and we did something like that to unroll ours,don't remember exactly what now but we had access to about anything we wanted to do it so you can believe we didn't work too hard.I think I would have been in a Cat 966 loader to do my part.
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    Five little Indians

    Here is my 1100cc Virago when I got it.Truck Shop,you are a blessed man!
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    B71 with 221,000

    Pics from the old days. The truck nearest to the camera was mine.The drum is shinier,lol.Ron G
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    Odd place this engine ended up.

    Here is my '83,I drove it for about 12 years.I still have it and it still runs like a charm.It has the 318 with the thermoquad,has A/C but uses R-12 so it will be tough to get it charged these days.This pic is when I first got it in '89 so she doesn't look this good days.I would love to see...
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    Pen & Ink Truck Drawings

    Here is a pic of that B-75 taken back in the '60s.You will see it on the line there with a Heil frameless dump trailer behind it.I wish I had taken more pics back in those days but all I had for a camera was too good to carry in that evironment or so I thought. These days cameras are throwaway...
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    76 d700

    Here is one of the reasons they invented spring brakes.I wanted to add another pic but I am being blocked,sorry.Ron G
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    The DM600 was the very best site truck ever made with no exceptions if specced properly.I like the steel cab better than the glass cab but that didn't make any difference about handling on the job site.I liked the 250 with the quadruplex better than the Maxidyne but if it was equipped with the...
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    1962 White Dump

    When I got out of the army the first job I landed was for Lane construction at their paving project putting in concrete runways at Dow AFB in Bangor.I didn't last too long there because I wouldn't join the union so they shifted me to their quarry down in Hamden and my job there was to keep their...