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    HEF site

    You still having trouble with that site DM?
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    Diamond T's

    Long hoods
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    AC's Purple People Eater

    This engine was kind of a flop for Allis Chalmers as far as on highway. But truthfully there wasn't much that could touch it. One big problem was it had to be brought up to temperature slowly. Push it from cold and it had a high probability of sticking a piston. I saw...
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    I'm being followed

    You haven't been over here in quite sometime RZ, I bag it over there and here you are:avid. Glad to see you checking things out over here. Truck Shop
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    DT12 Trans

    Get a load of the rag clutch that is used with the Detroit DT12 transmission. So far we have had two clutches replaced under warranty at around 400,000 miles. Truck Shop
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    Odd ball KW nose

    What do you say RZ, I saved this one for last Truck Shop
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    Refuse Packers

    Refuse packers
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    Shorted out

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    A box

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    Another Tank

    This tank comes with an operator Truck Shop
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    A tank

    Here's a tank Truck Shop
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    Garden thrasher

    It ain't a model or a miniature but it looks like it could kill or maim you that's for sure. Get a load of the chain drive steering. Truck Shop
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    Old Graders

    Some old graders and tractors Truck Shop
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    Federal Model X13

    This 1915 or so Federal model X13 lived a rough life. Truck Shop
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    Buda Diesel Engine

    You don't see very many Buda Super Diesels like this one equipped with an iron lung. Bore 5 1/4 Stroke 6 1/4 Truck Shop
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    1939 Peterbilt

    This Pete is the first year for Peterbilt production {1939} Truck Shop
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    Very rare 1944 KW

    This KW was built in Yakima, Wa during WWII. Boeing took over the truck factory to build aircraft parts, Kenworth moved truck manufacturing to Yakima, Wa. Production of trucks were very low in numbers from 1942 to late 1945/1946. This one is the only one I have ever seen...
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    A couple of AC Mack's

    I was at my favorite salvage yard today and got these photos, owned by a friend. Truck Shop
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    Busy moderators

    If nothing else the membership will go up but you moderators are getting a workout guarding HTF. Thanks by the way. Truck Shop
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    Cleaned up

    Digger242j took care of the problem Willie. Thank you though. Truck Shop