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    Flywheel Swap Advice

    I have a 3406B, 4MG engine with a brakesaver. This engine has an 8 1/2" bore flywheel. I want to install a 10" bore so I will have a greater selection of newer model clutches to install. The issue is the brakesaver engine does not have a ring gear on the flywheel. I have been unable to find...
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    Over Head Console

    Here is the overhead console with wood finish.
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    Sound Insulation

    Removed the entire interior of my 1988 379 except for the dash. Applied Hushmat sound deadener to every exposed metal surface including door panels. Then applied dynaliner 1/4" foam to the back of all the upholstery before reinstalling. Also put Dynaliner on the back of the new carpet. Drove...
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    RoadKing Shocks

    I need to replace the front shocks on my Pete. I usually run 14,000 lbs. on the front axle, and closer to 18,000 when the drop axle is up. RoadKing claims to be the heaviest duty shock available but they are really expensive. Any have any experience with them? Would like to hear some actual...
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    Charge Air Cooler Hole Repair

    Found a hole a little larger than 1/4", (.290) on the top tank of my CAC. Top mounting bracket broke allowing the CAC to slide forward just enough to rub on a bolt end in my grill, resulting in a hole in the aluminum tank. Wondering about the easiest way to repair this. Do you think J-B Weld...
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    Fuel Biocide treatment

    I use very little diesel fuel from my bulk tank in the winter. Wondering what anyone uses for a preventive fuel treatment to prevent algae type problems? I had the problem in my truck fuel tank last winter and used Startron fuel tank cleaner which did an excellent job. Would like to put...
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    The Company's Trucks

    1988 Pete 379 standard hood. 3406B, 18 spd., 2 spd. rears, 950K miles.
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    Clear Coat For Polished Wheels

    Has anyone tried Aluma-Clear? It is a spray on clear coat to make polished aluminum wheels look good longer. I have purchased some to give it a try. Will let you know how it works out.