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  1. Steve Frazier


    What do you make of this???
  2. Steve Frazier

    Forum Bugs

    Welcome back!! Our site has been updated with new software, please report any bugs or problems you encounter here so we may address them. Thanks for your patience!! Steve
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    NEMF Liquidating

    Those of us here on the Eastern seaboard are familiar with seeing the grey and maroon Mack's of New England Motor Freight delivering freight around the region since 1977. Today they have filed for bankruptcy and will begin liquidating assets. I've been past their main headquarters in New Jersey...
  4. Steve Frazier

    Odd R Model

    Back in the 90s there was a single axle Mack oil truck I saw regularly, the cab looked like an R model. What made it unique was it had a 3208 Cat in it with a 10 speed behind it. I never saw that combination before or since. The truck isn't around anymore but I've always wondered if that was...
  5. Steve Frazier

    Class 5 Dump

    I'm starting to plan for the purchase of a Class 5 dump at work for next year. It will be used to haul material and move equipment and will stay inside a 7 mile radius for the majority of its life. I'm thinking gas engine, auto trans, 2 wheel drive and aluminum body. I've looked at Ford and...
  6. Steve Frazier

    Old Fire Trucks

    Late summer/early fall I stumbled across a warehouse with a bunch of old fire trucks parked around it. In spite of numerous "No Trespassing" and "Keep Out!" signs I stopped to have a look. I've been in volunteer fire service since '78 and couldn't pass this up. I wasn't there but a few minutes...
  7. Steve Frazier

    1946 Chevy 1 1/2 ton?

    My brother in law and his friend bought a 1946 GMC flatbed from Kentucky to restore. I believe it was designate as a ton and a half, if someone knows different please correct me. It was in pretty rough shape when they got it with some rust, dents and missing panels. I didn't get any pictures...
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    Server Upgrade

    On Saturday October 15 Heavy Truck Forums will undergo a server upgrade and will be off line for a period of time. Please bear with us during this time, it is expected to take in the area of 6 hours. Thank you!
  9. Steve Frazier

    Could International Be In Trouble?

    Since electronic controls began to be used in heavy trucks it seems International has been having trouble with the reliability of the units used in their trucks. I've been hearing increasingly bad reports of the repair rate on vocational trucks and am seeing them lose market share here in my...
  10. Steve Frazier


    I'm a department supervisor at one of the local towns as my day job and my best buddy is the chief mechanic at the highway garage. They have a 4 year old Vactor that had started to run extremely hot during our recent heat wave. It has a separate engine to run all the pumps for the Vactor unit...
  11. Steve Frazier

    North America vs. Europe trucks

    Truck Shop's comment about the Scania got me thinking about the differences between the trucks we see here in the USA and Canada and those used in Europe. Here in North America the cabover has all but disappeared over the road, they seem to be used only in purpose built vocational trucks. In...
  12. Steve Frazier

    CNG Powered Volvo

    A few months ago i saw a new Volvo tractor making a delivery at a store and saw some stuff hanging on the frame rails I didn't recognize. I took a closer look and started seeing stickers that stated it was powered by compressed natural gas. There were plastic panels hiding the oval saddle tanks...
  13. Steve Frazier

    Project REO Speedwagon

    Last summer I bought a 1948 REO Speedwagon with flatbed, an old farm truck that had been parked in a barn for over 40 years. I really wasn't in the market but it was so complete I couldn't pass it up. I've got a soft spot for these old REOs, the first school buses I rode were on that chassis and...
  14. Steve Frazier

    Identify this Rear

    I came across an old truck (more on this later) and the emblem on the rear caught my attention. Can anyone identify what this emblem is and what it stands for? It appears to have the letters DTA
  15. Steve Frazier

    NY DMV Rules Changes

    I just learned the hard way that NY DMV has changed their rules regarding the DOT Medical Card. I got a letter a couple weeks ago that my CDL had been suspended due to an expired medical card, yet I had renewed it last October. I went to the local DMV office to find out what had happened and...
  16. Steve Frazier

    Mack Quarry Truck

    I came across this Mack Quarry truck today. Couldn't find a model number on it, I'll go back in better weather and look some more. I put my car in for size reference
  17. Steve Frazier

    Upfitting a Fixed Body

    I've noticed that when a fixed body is mounted to a truck frame there's a slab of hardwood between the body and truck frame. Does anyone know the purpose for this? The reason I ask is I'm converting the formerly dumping flatbed on my truck to a fixed unit. I'm concerned with both moisture being...
  18. Steve Frazier

    Super Duty Fuel Pickup Cleaning

    From 1999 to about 2007 or so Super Duty chassis cabs were plagued with delaminating fuel tanks. The galvanizing inside would flake off and clog the fuel pickup assembly, and then rust would attack the tank from inside adding to the problem. Eventually the pickup will become so clogged the truck...
  19. Steve Frazier

    1937 Dodge

    One of the local oil companies has a restored 1937 tank truck they use in parades and put on display at our County Fair. You can see by the starbursts from the sun the quality of the restoration! This thing is gorgeous!
  20. Steve Frazier


    I worked our County Fair last week and the carnival contractor had two IH Lonestar tractors to move his trailers with. I was able to get some clear pics of one, the other was parked with a lot of other trucks and trailers around it. Both were white and very similar. The one I got pics of had...