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    Old IHC Firetruck

    Not sure what year this thing is, but perhaps some of you other browsers recognize it. Seems like a funny/strange shift pattern. And a crewcab to boot. They keep it for the on site firetruck at the local campground. Next time I will lift the hood and get a picture of the engine. :)
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    My first truck

    Well this old beast was not my first, though who knows but it might be my last! 1974 Loadstar 1700 with a five speed and the electric 2 speed rear. The transmission is what we call a short fourth and I have to use it when loaded. You shift from fourth low to fifth low then back to...
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    Autocar DOT shag trucks problems

    Well, I had to look up a "Shag" truck to see what it was as I had never heard the term before! Does this picture represent one of them or is it different?
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    A Snow Plow

    Yes, I've heard that they are not used in lots of areas. Probably a good reason for not using them. We use them all the time and drop the front blades off when there isn't much snow on the road, using only the belly blade. All of our trucks have belly blades though some don't have the ability...
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    A Snow Plow

    Well, I've never had the privilege of starting a new thread, but I have run a few plow trucks over the years, like this one I ran quite a bit last winter. It is a rear sander with Dickey-John controls. side wing, underbody blade and what we call, a one way - front blade. Lots of iron on the...