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    2000 IH / NAVSTAR 8100 Dash cluster problems

    :confused:Hey guys! I've got a really annoying problem. The dash cluster in my 8100 is working intermittently. On start up it cycles properly but once on the road it will " freeze " sometimes . By that I mean that the gauges ( all of them ) will stop moving. For instance I looked down while in...
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    18sp with ???? Rear end. What would you choose ?

    I'm looking for a new / used truck. I would prefer something 474/500 hp with an 18 but not sure about the rear end ratio. The reason I ask is I've never had an 18 so I'm not sure what ratio would best. I'm off road more than highway but when I'm on the highway I want to be able to " GO "...
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    My first truck.

    My first truck I bought as my own was a 1993 Ford L 9000 10 wheeler dump with a Davis dump body , Cummins n 14 with a 9 speed tranny. Had a 4 bag leaf suspension , set back front axle. I really liked that truck ! Love the Ford dash and cab. The 9 spd was great on the road and off ( for the...
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    Davis dump body

    Well it may be time to look for another dump truck or build one. I've only had Davis dump bodies because that's what came with the truck. I have no complaints , these have held up for what we do but just getting some feelers for other brands like Ox or any others. I know you get what you pay for...
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    Feeding my addiction !

    Well thanks Steve ! Now I have another forum to obsess over. I need rehab ! Lol;)