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    How to add pics to forum posts

    Btw, that is a photo that made Tiny proud of me, I bagged that one with a '94 CH Mack. Uhhmm, Willie, there is an attach photo button in "quick reply" I'm trying to learn to post pics from this stupid iPhone. If my laptop isn't fixed soon, I'm going to have to break down and buy one.
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    2000 Sterling no start, security system?

    Is there a chance a 2000 Sterling has a security system that kills it if the batteries go dead? I am working on a 2000 Sterling medium duty (26,000 gvwr) for a friend. It has a small Cummins in it, can't see the tag for a bunch of hoses etc, could be a 5.9 or a little bigger. It has a one piece...
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    Truck nicknames / insults

    Just saw something that made me think of this: What are some of the truck nicknames and insults you can think of? Remember guys,let's keep this in the spirit of fun. I'll start. Kenworthless, Wasted Star, Freightshaker. And, of course, since I am a longtime Mack man, I'll say it first: Why...
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    Another HEF transplant

    I guess you could call me a younger oldtimer. I guess I really started in this in the early '80s as a truck mechanic. Then in the late '80's I went to work for a company that had about 75 trucks and a bunch of heavy equipment. I soon became foreman over everything this did at night and on...