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    Tru-Hitch towing units.

    I was wondering if anyone on this site has ever had anything to do with a Tru-Hitch towing unit by any chance? I have an opportunity to buy one and I was curious about their performance.
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    Looking for some tow/rigging equipment around New England, upstate New York...

    I'll get the ball rolling here in this thread by God...LOL. I'm interested in finding/purchasing some used rigging equipment, such as snatch blocks, side-pullies, chains, spreaders, etc. for my rollback truck to do some alternative rigging and hauling of mill machinery, etc. Just throwing the...
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    Newest addition: 1978 Kenworth W900A Flatbed rollback truck.

    Well, as it's was once said, "A fool and his money are soon parted"... I sold a 1973 IH Transtar cabover on Saturday 9/28/13 to a happy customer that drove it home to Buffalo, NY and called me to thank me for such a good old truck in the shape it was in, and for representing it the way I did...