2010 frd500

Hey guys,
I bought this truck brand new and the motor blew at 50k and was replaced under warrany but now at 205k it has blown again and i have had to
order a boxed one from japan,has anyone else had bad luck like this?


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Hi Geoff , that just plain sucks.
What caused the engine to give up at 50 k under warranty? DPF have anything to do with it?
Hi Martin,
After it blew the 2nd time at 205k I was shown a confidential email by a mechanic at the Isuzu agent and there was a massive
recall on lots of models because the gasket on the air pump on the side of the engine needed upgrading.
They must have had lots all over the world blowing.This engine is the 5.2 litre 4 cylinder with the air pump on the block.
So now I understand what happened at 50k,this gasket blew and then because of the high pressure in the air tanks,it just
blew all the water out of the block and cooked the engine.
The 1st time it was under warranty so they gave me a new engine but the 2nd time no joy I had no option but to order a new one.
Pretty self explainatory that I won't be buying any more Isuzu's.

It doesn't appear to be many member's on this site.well so far anyway,I get the feeling it is just me and you Martin.

Thanks for replying
cheers Geoff

Steve Frazier

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