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Info for anyone running drop axles with 22.5 - 255's. Our trucks {40 plus} all run drop axles. Through the years I've
tried just about every brand there is with the same lousy success except two. The Goodyear 265's were real good, had several
sets that ran 225K. But price and the fact that Goodyear changed the compound in the rubber those don't last as long now.
I have found that running a tread that's too deep and staggered pattern promotes river-run real fast, Like the tire is done in 50K.
I found that a straight groove tire with 17-32's max tread depth will last way longer than anything else. Too deep of
tread pattern and staggered tread causes more squirm thus river-run. But the axle kingpins, tie rod ends and tag recoil steer
shocks plus toe-in settings need to be up to snuff also.
Right now we are running Falken RI-128's been averaging 130k. But have had some reach 175K. I feel that 130k on tag
or drop axle tires is not bad.

Maybe this info will help someone- Truck Shop


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While I've never run a tag axle, thanks for the good info.
Always on the lookout to keep more money in my pocket.


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I am running a BFG ST230, 255/70-22.5 on my dump truck drop axle. Very pleased with it will probably 75k out of it. I typically run empty one way but with a lot of urban driving there is a fair amount of scuffing from corners. Learned pretty quick when I started not to waste money on caps for the drop axle..