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I moved this topic here in relation to the thread Engine Kits.

When someone asks for info on internal engine parts I have a tendency to not get to involved. Because obviously they probably don't know
or have much experience in major engine repair. If the parts man they are talking to knows anything, he won't sell a kit without the
specifics of said engine. If a person is wanting to order on line that's a mistake IMO. I only use OEM, there is just something wrong with
a man in a kilt playing bag pipes printed on the box containing the engine kit:rolleyes:.

I just went through a scenario with a BC Cummins and someone asking questions. I told him to pull the heads and pan and mainly check
the block for repair sleeves in the counter bores. Well he didn't look very good, he ordered a kit installed it and one week later coolant
was seeping down the side of the block. He pulled the center head I went and looked at it and sure enough it had repair sleeves. I had
warned him about the problems that can occur with a block that has had repair sleeves installed. He acted as though it was my fault.

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