" If it wants Off , Let it off "


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I have heard this statement from a whole host of people . Flat bed guys and low boy hands a like seem to spout this a lot . I'm just wondering how many people actually believe in that statement . Don't tie a load down to stay on the trailer but instead just enough binders to let it break free of the trailer if something go's sideways .
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I guess it's kinda one of those unspoken things …. it's kinda my way of thinking too, I just wouldn't say it to loud in public (bad assed/attituded Truckers ….LOL) …… as long as if it did (the load) go bye-bye and as long as there is evidence of breakage, not just coming undone …. a guys butt would be covered … but God Help you if it was a case of insecure loading

I've seen the aftermath (i'm sure you have too TINY) of guys getting SLAM-DUNKED after a load shifted and took everything with it …… IT'S NOT A PRETTY SITE ! …… Whew ! …. glad that I survived all those yrs ! ….
Silly way to think for on road hauling. When I drove lowbed in the bush I would never chain down the load. If the road sluffs and you have a D8 or JD 892 excavator and it go's you are now chained to it, instead of it is chained to truck. Many times I would be 100-200 feet from creek at bottom of ravine but I was also 4,5,600 feet above it. I think most log truck drivers would wait as well until they were at the paved or public road and throw the binders on there while checking the truck out.