Rear Airliner Suspension

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On Freightliner air ride rear suspension the air bags will not be straight up and down especially on high mileage units. The air bags will start to tilt
inward toward the center of the frame on their bottom mounts. Sometimes the angle can get so bad it will break base. There are three problems to
address, first the main u-bolts from spring to rear end housing are loose. Second is the spring center bolt is broke. Third there is a plate with a hook
on it that goes over to the brake spider, that hook or arm will brake and allow the springs to shift if the u-bolts are not at proper torque.

The springs will always crab there way to the center of frame, causing the air bags to tilt. And some use 2*or 3* degree caster shims, when things
loosen up it wipes out or ruins the caster shims also. You will need a port-a-power to spread the springs when tightening the U-bolts. And always
replace the u-bolts.

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