Tilting ram on RC2


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hope you can help me with my problem right now it looks like I am going in a circle
Hi can you please help my with info about my cab tilting system I need to know how to connect the hydraulic hoses I have 2 line going to the latches there locks the cabin somehow the previous owner has mixed up the hoses so I have all new hoses and new pump I need to know what is pull and pusch on the cylindres

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At the bottom of the cylinders or rams those ports will extend the cylinders plus those hoses can also feed the cab mount to open locks. The top ports
lower the cab and close the cab locks. Hope this helps. Some others on here might have info also. The pump should be marked up and down on the ports.
Make sure you bleed the system and remove all air from pump, hoses and cylinders.

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Here's a cutaway photo of a generic hydraulic cylinder, you want to look at the Two way diagram. Hydraulic fluid pushes against the disc attached to the rod on whichever side the fluid is activated and moves it in and out of the cylinder. At the same time the fluid on the other side of the disc is pushed out. This will help you determine which hose should go where and will hold true for any hydraulic cylinder you come across.

Hydraulic cylinder.png