1960 4464

Steve Frazier

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Yes I do! I bought it when I built my house in '89 and hauled materials in with it. It's a single axle dump, I think it was originally a tractor. 180hp Cummins and 10 speed R/R. I still have it but it hasn't run in about 20 years. I have grand ideas of restoring it someday, maybe after I finish the Reo.


R.O.Wetz Transportation, ran a big fleet of those out of southeastern Ohio. They pulled flatbed loads of coal mine roof bolts, all over Ohio and surrounding states. They had some of these running on local hauls way up into the late 80's.


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Steve can tell you how small the cab is, I think he owns one.

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I remember Steve's thread on his... But I got to drive one in the late 70's, and I can tell you personally how cramped that cab is. It makes an "R" series IH look good. The one I drove had a couple cylinders of 220 Cummins sharing the cab with me.