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The second lowboy tractor I drove was a Dodge, D-1000. It was a 1971 cab-over design short wheel base with a Detroit Diesel 8V71 with 318 horsepower it came with a RTO 95 13 speed road ranger transmission 20,000lbs front axle 44,000lbs Hendrickson rubber block rear suspension ,It had power steering air windshield wipers, full Bostrom air ride drivers seat, riders side electric window, differential lock. It spent most of its life hooked to a 35 ton single drop lowboy made by Chancy that had folding ramps . At that time we were moving bulldozers as large as 80,000 lbs. Also 4x4 scrapers in the 80,000 lbs class. 50,000 lbs track loaders 40,000 lbs excavators.Drilling rig equipment God only knows how heavy some of the drill collar trailers were. The truck road a bit stiff by todays standards didn't seem to notice it then. It handled way better than most trucks 25 years newer it did not sway it did not lean it was very stabile. Traction was good for such a short stiff truck You could turn it around in tighter spots than any other lowboy I have ever driven. It was a little underpowered for the day but much better than the Auto Car with a NA 220 Cummins I was driving before. It had much better engine hold back than what I was use to. Biggest problem was definitely the windshield wipers it had a big windshield and long wipers that were very hard on the fragile aluminum rods that went from the wiper motor to the blades. Cab was aluminum and we had a little electrical trouble there as well. Over all it was a good truck and held up well did do us a good job I was sorry to see it go. I never new how rare they were I would love to have another one but I will bet that wont happen as I have never seen another one ever. Chum.

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A buddy of mine had a Dodge 10 wheel dump with the LCF cab, it also had a 8V71 and 13 speed. I remember the first time I saw it with the fenders opened up, I was so surprised to see someone had thought of something so simple yet so clever!


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Where they good trucks in British Columbia you whould see one once a year back in the day where they common in any place


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I simply love Dodge trucks. They have an excellent engine, they look amazing and they are very though. I think Dodge is the best truck brand out there.

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