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The Hendrickson model SCT13 has three areas to keep an eye on. The kingpin bushings, wheel bearings and the
flat bar tie rod ends. The knuckle or spindle is fabricated two piece assembly. I have found the bottom pin bushing
and pin worn out prematurely on several of the drop axles where I work.
The kingpins are easy to change on this model. It uses a draw key and the pin can be driven out like any
standard axle. I think I found the problem with the bottom bushings wearing out. When assembling you slide the
the bottom half with spindle on the pin . Then you install the top half and the bolts and nuts. Do not push the
bottom half up tight just let the whole spindle relax as you tighten the bolts. Other wise the bushings will bind up
on the pin. And it was not a lack of grease that caused them to wear.
Also have had some early bearing failures, caught those in time. I go back with the two spindle nut and locking
washer {old school} set up.
And the strange tie rod ends Hendrickson designed have a tendency of the hoop around the rubber insulator
cracking. I watch those like a hawk.

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