Fake News & Censorship


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I've been having a spirited debate with myself about whether to reply to this thread. Our policy here, and at HEF has always been to not host membership dramas, and I think that has served the community well. Still, in the interest of fairness, I don't think some clarification would be out of line.

Forum Rule:
No discussion of politics unrelated to the heavy truck industry should be made. Slanderous references to political beliefs or parties should not be made within these posts, such as flaming lefty, right wing zealot or other similar type label.

That's been ironclad, written in stone, whatever, since approximately day one, both here and at HEF.

I absolutely hate to ban anybody, and I'm glad I wasn't the one that had to pull the trigger this time. It's rare indeed that anybody gets permanently banned without being counselled first, in some form or another. The entire staff certainly put forth that effort here.

That having been said, the title of this thread "Fake news...", especially when there's really no news here at all, will be immediately recognized as a buzzword in a particular political narrative by anybody who's been paying attention. Case in point, I guess.

As far as "censorship" goes, this site is private property, so to speak, and the property owner has the absolute right to make and enforce rules about what is prohibited here. The web has more than enough places where political discussion is permitted, if not welcomed. This isn't one of them.

If we err in allowing one side of a political conversation to be posted, and intentionally "censor" the other side we damn well deserve to be called out on it. I don't think we have. Anybody who can cite an example of that, please do so.

The gratuitous posting of political references when the rules have been made absolutely clear, just to stir the pot or antagonize others, that's the real BS.

Steve Frazier

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I have zero tolerance for disrespect of the staff members at either site, their words carry just as much weight as mine when it comes to maintaining sanity on the boards. They're here for their love of the industry and I'm extremely grateful for their help. Showing disrespect for them is the same as to me and I have a very short fuse for that behavior.