Five little Indians

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Through the years I owned 22 motorcycles some good ones some junk. I bought my first big bike when I was fifteen, 1965 BSA 650 Hornet. Wore out a
pair of boots trying to start it, it was a great lesson in mechanics. The first pic is of the last bike I owned 04 Goldwing, I had an 84 and 94 also. I sold
the 04 over two years ago because I was going to have back surgery so no more bikes for me.

The Indians below were in an estate auction, hadn't run for over ten years. I was asked to get them running and ready for auction. I didn't have to be
asked twice.

#1-my Wing
The Indians by year and color
1946 Chief yellow
1941 Chief black-high compression
1941 Scout red
1941 black cherry Henderson Powered Inline Four cylinder
1918 red and gold Power Plus

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Wow, that inline four.
I don't think I've ever seen one like that before.
Not alot of inlines were built. That Henderson engine was actually built for small air craft. This inline Indian still has the porcelain exhaust header, unusual.
Most of those manifolds got broke from the bike tipping over and were converted to a chromed metal one. Having that manifold intact adds another $4,000
to the value. This one sold for $50,000 it was way too cheap. It only had 19,000 miles on it, should have gone for $62,250. On the east coast it would have
brought that.


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Glad you got the opportunity to tinker with those amazing pieces of history. thanks you for posting the pictures

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A friend of mine had a Virago. He commuted to work on it, 140,000 miles worth. All he bought for it were tires, some oil and brakes and a spark plug now and then.
His was blue and silver. Rode the crap out it he did!

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The guy across the street from me as a kid had a BSA 650. I wasn't knowledgeable enough to know the model but it sure was a handsome bike! It would have been late 60s or early 70s. Controls were reversed from what American bikes and it was white with blue trim. He rode that thing hard!