My Fair Weather Truck


I have a 1987 DKM Autocar tri axle with a rear mounted F-90 Prentice log loader. I bought this truck eight years ago from a company that had 48 Autocar's and they all had block hauling beds on them. I am the second owner and I removed the block bed and mounted the Prentice then built a four bunk log bed out of four by four box iron a quarter inch thick. I ran the pressure line though one eighteen foot box iron and the return line in the opposite four by four box iron. I made three of the eight foot uprights removeable in case I couldn't pick up the log over the upright's. I repainted the fender's jet black and the cab a fire engine red. I took the muffler off and installed ten foot stainless straight pipes. It has a 300 cummins with a jake brake, a eight LL transmission shifting though the gears the turbo sounds about as cool as it comes :). With the straight pipes you can loosen your fillings in your teeth. I also built out of five eights plate a pintle hook set up so I can pull my skidder and had some freinds help me to put pockets in the trailer so I can haul logs on it also. Now where the fair weather truck come in :). Rain or snow she stays in the shop nice and warm till the weather clears,she's my baby easy to work on and as tuff as nails. For myself been logging sence the early seventy's I am pushing seventy not sure how many years left in me but once you have saw dust in your veins it is in there for life.