One Of My Favorite Chevy Pictures


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This Picture was taken back around 1990 . Classic Chevy Vs Ford mechanics truck . Gene had Rubbed Me hard about getting his brand mechanics and how much better it was than the 76 C 30 I had . I thought it was all in good fun until the spider gears blew out on Gene's Ford .

I took this picture after dragging his back to the shop .... Oh Boy .That made him MAD!!! Well he said just enough to stir me up and took this pic and had it blown up to 20 inches wide . Lasted about a week and it was removed from the wall torn up in several pieces then buried in the trash can .... In which I put all the pieces back together hung it on the wall behind a 1/4 inch of Plexiglas , drilled holes and used 1/4 inch by 3 inch long lag bolts .

It stayed until I took it down that time