Removing Walking Beams

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I posted this on the sister site Heavy Equipment Forums a few months ago also.

I know drive axle walking beam suspension Isn't popular anymore. But for those people needing to re-bush one,
I have a quick and dirty method to remove the beams.

#1 park truck so axles are straight
#2 block front wheels and back off the slack adjusters on drives
#3 jack and support mid frame to allow for room to work
#4 remove rear tires and reinstall out side tires only
#5 remove bolts holding S-cam bracket to brake spiders on all four corners
#6 swing S-cams with air cans attached straight up as high as you can and tie them out of the way
#7 loosen the center bushing cap bolts or studs
#8 get a gas powered cut off saw and five metal cutting blades, 12 or 14" and a 2x6x12 long block of wood
#9 set saw up on block for height, plus it will tilt the blade up
#10 wear face protection and gloves, fire up the saw and cut dead center of the rubber bushings on beam ends
#11 steady feed and it will cut through rubber, steel pin, centering puck and bolt
#12 drop the beams with a floor jack and knock out the remaining pucks from axle hangers

Set-up time and cutting them out under two hours

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Or leave everything in place and send a young feller under that's good with a torch . Remove the bolt and slice the pucks through the center with some heat and rattle them out with an air hammer . Drop and install one beam at a time . :) That's how we do it .;)