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    Truck radio

    Anyone have a suggestion on a good basic radio for a dump truck (am/fm). I don't want all the fancy BS no cd player no mp3, I don't need 10 different options for backlite. Simple, basic, easy to read with big buttons. I have a VDO in one of the trucks that fits the bill, however when I go...
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    Cat ECM

    Any recommendations on places to get a cat ECM rebuilt? C-12 70 pin, 1999 2KS engine. I see several places, just wondering if anyone has any feedback on any.
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    Mobile Column lifts

    Does anyone out there have any insight on Mobile Column Lifts? I am thinking about buying a set of 4. Any brand preferences? Wire or Battery? Cable or Cableless? Screw or Hydraulic. Any other considerations? We wouldn't use them alot, but sure would be nice when needed.
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    Hooklift wanted Ampliroll

    Looking for a decent used Ampliroll 160 hooklift. Would possibly consider other brands. Must be a 62" Hook height. THanks
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    Input on dump bodies?

    A few things left, but tis the season, need side boards and chrome front bumper is on order. Next battle was fighting emission BS. Lessons learned, the dealer even though way more expensive, really doesn't know any more than a good mechanic. We didn't end up deleting it yet, but next time...
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    Input on dump bodies?

    oops lets try this one
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    Input on dump bodies?

    First day on the job
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    Input on dump bodies?

    Dump box mounted, ready to head to paint shop. Ended up going with Rowe. Best price, decent customer service. They could improve weld appearance a little bit, but in reality we are after function right. Box kit was very complete, and I was able to order a $65.00 harness that made all lights...
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    Input on dump bodies?

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    69 or 70 Diamond REO

    On Minneapolis craigslist can't get picture to pull over, just incase someone is looking for one, cool old rig. 1970 Diamond REO tractor model DC-10164D - $7500 make / manufacturer: dianond reo 70 Diamond Reo model DC-10164D SLHD tandem axle, locking, 168" WB Detroit 6V-92TA fuel squeezer...
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    C-12, no power low boost.

    I have a 2003 T800 with a C-12 that we just put into service, it is very low on power. I fully realize that a C-12 isn't over powered, we have other C-12 powered units doing the same job every day. I can't get over 45mph at 80K gross. We added a boost gauge and I believe the problem is boost...
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    Some Holmes 750 action 750 Holmes on a mack on craigslist minneapolis
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    Steerable pusher axles

    Anyone got any input on steerable pusher axles? Looking at about a 13000# for a dump truck. Any experiences with good or bad brands, ones to stay away from? Any input will be appreciated.
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    Kenworth Stuff Wanted for projects

    I am looking for a couple things for winter projects, just thought I'd post this to see if I have any luck. I will post some before and after pictures. Its looking like the shop will be busy this winter. Looking for a cab for Daycab 96 Kenworth wired for Cat 1 piece rounded windshield, manual...
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    Input on dump bodies?

    I am evaluating dump bodies for my T370 project. Considerations are weight, price and quality without sacrificing good durability. I want a smooth side crossmember-less box 15'. I currently have a Bibeau BFL-S on another truck that I like the best of the 5 dumps I have. Here is what I have...