Truck radio


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Anyone have a suggestion on a good basic radio for a dump truck (am/fm). I don't want all the fancy BS no cd player no mp3, I don't need 10 different options for backlite. Simple, basic, easy to read with big buttons. I have a VDO in one of the trucks that fits the bill, however when I go online to find another it is only available from Indonesia.

Steve Frazier

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It's going to be hard to find one aftermarket that doesn't have more than you're looking for. Maybe try a base radio from a junkyard? My F250 at work is just AM/FM, nothing else. You'd have to figure out mounting it but it shouldn't be too hard.


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The only time Wally WOrld might be your friend. Was just in one and stopped by Automotive for some Orange Wipes for in the Car for gas stops. They still have three to four small disposable in dash mount radios on a display, chuckled as went by them!!