1968 Ford Galaxie 500


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Yeah Steve , I will know more after I get the 460 torn down & check out what we got for sure on the head chambers .

Buy the way Steve ...... Good to have another Ford man on this project :hi

So far put about 250 miles on the Galaxie ...... After a 35 year nap she drives great !

The 302 is pretty snappy even with the two barrel carb .

Should just keep driving it as is & enjoy it ..

Need my head examined for the 460 motor swap ....... But we only live once and I've been without a muscle car for to long ....;)

Where's Commander Cody when we need him ... LOL !

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Not a bad idea Jason ! 500 Caddy built for low end torque & that's what I'm after .

Truck Shop mentioned this earlier in the thread of the " bore & stroke " kits available for the 460 Ford .


Cubic inch is king on low end torque .:cool:

This is my first Ford muscle car project so I'm learning as I go .

Built Chevy & Dodge cars in the past .

The Ford Galaxie rides great , really smooth & comfortable cruising around town or rough back roads .

Reminds me of the Dodge Coronet . http://www.heavytruckforums.com/showthread.php?527-Available-Manufacturing-Company&p=3888&viewfull=1#post3888

These old cars just had a certain " feel " about them & I like it !
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Bad as I hate to say it being I'm going to rebuild the 460 anyhow the Scat rotating kits might be the way to go .........

From what I understand rapping with an old Ford buddy if ya go over 520 cubic inch you have to start grinding on the lower block around the oil pan flange .....

Really like this 545 cubic inch kit with the high compression & balanced .


I've ground on engine blocks before in worse conditions .... Lost the Detroit 8-V 71 on turn #3 on a lake job . I need to learn how to stay off the throttle on those turns ... LOL !
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500 Caddy motor....... Sorry, Just had to stir the pot :p
Got to digging through my old 1964 to 1971 Chilton auto manual .

Take a wild guess who had most torque at lowest RPM 's . Chevy , Mopar , Ford ....... Nope , Caddy 472 mill cranking out 360 horse @ 3600 RPM and a whopping 525 pound torque @ 2,800 RPM . Pretty Impressive !

Next in line was Buick 455 with 510 torque @ 2800 RPM .

Chevy , Ford & Mopar came in close around 500 torque but at a higher RPM on there big blocks .

Have an article in an old Car Review magazine from 1985 .

Featured a Muscle car " shoot out " of a 1970 Buick Grand sport stage one 455 auto trans up against a 1970 426 dual quad Hemi 4 speed GTX .

Bad news for the GTX ... He got spanked by the Buick every round .

Hemi could not match the low end torque of the Buick 455 .

Steve Frazier

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Buy the way Steve ...... Good to have another Ford man on this project :hi
There was a time where I knew just about everything there was to know about the 400/351M and small blocks. I had a 351M in an F350 that I "tuned" a bit, was going to swap it to a 400 but abandoned that for a 351W swap. Easier and less expensive to make horsepower with that engine. I had a 82 Mustang GT with a 2 barrel 302 and I built it up to a solid streetable powerplant with cam, intake, carb and head mods. It really woke it up.

My Dad had the 2 door version of your car, same year with a 302 2 barrel in it. It was a company car and Dad wasn't a motorhead like me so it remained stock. I'll be watching your progress with this project, the 460 should make it a monster!!


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Appreciate the input & advice Steve & everyone on here . Learning more about the Ford's as the thread go's on .

I was more up on the Big Block chevy's as that's what I started on . Like Steve mentioned at one time could rap off numbers of intakes , cams , pistons & heads to build a hot motor .

Life started & time passed , so this thread is sure helping jog some old memories .


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I'll be watching your progress with this project, the 460 should make it a monster!!
Will sure try not to disappoint anyone . Good news is the car is on the road now and actually under expected budget cost . First time for everything I reckon . :)

Makes me feel better knowing if I get a little scape with the Law after this 460 build that I can count on you guys to float a little Bail to get td25c back out ............. Just in case My Pioneer man won't answer the phone . :lmao


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Where is the snowflake emoji, oh there❄
I thought maybe it had melted.
I think that's more MSNBC then I've watched in the past 10 years.


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So far this is what the 460 build plan looks like .

From top on down ....

750 double pump Holley https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/carburetors/double_pumper/classic_double_pumper/parts/0-4779C

Weiand stealth intake https://www.holley.com/products/intakes/dual_plane_manifolds/parts/8012

Cam kit https://www.summitracing.com/parts/cca-k34-238-4

Pistons https://www.summitracing.com/parts/slp-l2443nf30

460 bearing & gasket kit https://www.summitracing.com/parts/fem-205637m-300

Parts cost is rite at $ 2,000.00

Dude Watson prolly charge $ 250.00 and a case of barley soda to build it . :)

Was really tempting to go with the SCAT " kit but would add $ 1,000.00 to the project & not sure we would gain allot ?


Tryin to keep this muscle car project on a budget and somewhat under the table ......:cool2

Wife keeps all the books ...... At the end of the year she may get hip to what's goin down & start asking questions about the money & Ford parts ?

Can just hear the Wife asking " what's up with the receipts from Holley & Summit Racing " ???

Uhhh .......... " choke & cough " ......... " The Ford F- 600 digger derrick truck had some engine trouble " ........ :beatsme

That's my story & I'm sticking to it . :)


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Fired up the Galaxie this evening took it to town for fuel . I need to replace the fuel tank sender so the fuel gage will work .

Pretty nice evening for late February .(y)