No right side brake lights


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I have a 2000 sterling dump truck vin yaf58180. I have tail lights on right side but no brake light or hazard. Left side is fine. Swapped fuses for lights left side to right side. No difference, so not fuses.has only one flasher relay, left side works must not be relay. Swapped light bulbs, no difference. Grab test light no power for right side at back of truck. Can not find broken wire between back of truck and cab, so must be in cab? Is thereanything else I need to look at before I tear cab apart chasing wires? Thanks


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I have had that problem with my 2000 sterling and it was the turn signal switch. Heard it was a common problem.


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One of our '02 pete triaxles had the same problem. Mech worked a couple of hrs checking everwhere. turned out to be the signal stalk:cool:


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Ditto, check the turn signal switch. This can take out the brake lights as well on only one side.


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some of them have a plug from the outside from under the steering and that plug can get 1/2 pulled out .